Cat Care

Many of our Pet Care Pros are cat parents who excel at providing purrrfect cat care to your sweet feline friend! We also provide excellent pet sitting services to rabbits, iguanas, birds including chickens, rodents and fish. Reserve our cat sitting or pet sitting services today!

The Meow Meow

30 minute visit

Food, water, litter, play time

Text and picture updates

$25/visit – up to 2 cats


3-4 cats + $5

Administering medications + $10

Extra play time + $6/ 15min

Run an errand + $22/ 20min

Requirements + Policies

Pet Requirements

All pets must have current immunizations
Dogs must have current license and ID tags


We accept credit cards only.

Weekly ongoing dog walking will be billed on a two week invoicing cycle approximately three days prior to the start date (i.e. Friday for a Monday start date). The credit card on file will be billed automatically.

Payment for vacation Pet Sitting and Boarding will be charged approximately three days before the first day of services. A deposit will be required to hold holiday reservations.

Credit card on file must be kept current and accounts must be kept in good standing or a 30% interest fee will be collected for every week the balance remains unpaid.


A rate of time and a half applies to each visit on the following holidays: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Independence Day.

Thanksgiving – A holiday fee of $6 per visit will be added for Thanksgiving weekend (Fri-Sunday) The $6 per visit per day additional fee also applies to the December holidays for all days between December 24-January 1 except for Christmas Day and New Years Eve which are billed at time and a half.

Christmas & New Year – A holiday fee of $6 per visit will be added for December 24,26, 27, 28, 29,30 and January 1st.

Holiday Cancellation Policy – Overnight pet care occurring over Thanksgiving weekend and Christmas week (Dec. 24-Jan. 1st) must be canceled no later than two weeks in advance of the start date or 50% of the total service fee will be due (100% of the total reservation fee will be due with less than one week’s notice). Vacation pet care visits (non-Overnights) occurring over Thanksgiving weekend and Christmas week must be canceled with 1 week advance notice or 50% of the total reservation fee will be due (100% of the total reservation fee will be due with less than 72 hours notice).


Regular Dog Walks: If cancellation occurs on the same-day as a scheduled walk, 100% of the walking fee will be collected.

Vacation: Pet Sitting and Boarding (Overnight Care): A 50% surcharge will be collected if entire service is canceled with less than 72 hours notice. 100% surcharge will be collected with less than 24 hours.


Gratuity is optional however if you would like to leave your Pet Care Pro a little something extra, you may leave gratuity in cash at your home or you may request the Pet Care LA office to have the gratuity added to your pet sitting bill.